Take Action! Revise Later
Your Simple Guide To Success In Business

The world isn't going to wait around for you to make your next product perfect. Use this book to kick yourself in the butt, take action, and help a lot more people profitably. Available now on Amazon!

This book explains how to help more people profitably, and get going now!

In this fast-paced book, you'll discover...

  • What's really getting in your way from finish your projects and releasing your programs.
  • Online marketing strategies you can start using immediately to help more people profitably.
  • Leverage tactics to achieve bigger results in your business without working ten times harder or trading time for dollars.
  • Tools and resources I use in my own business to create active and passive revenue streams for long term financial success.
  • Bob the Teacher provides inspiration and a fresh perspective on running your own business. The lessons he teaches are about getting going now.


    Felicia Slattery

    Author of Kill The Elevator Speech and Cash In On Communication
  • This is the primer you need to get the focus, clarity, and proper action steps to eradicate procrastination & doubt while creating your online business & future results."

    Tom Beal

  • Bob's lessons are like a pebble in a pool of clear water... the ripples will powerfully impact both your business and your life. And he gives you action steps, too."

    Chris Makell

    Courage To Think Bigger Business Coach
  • In this book, Bob brilliantly breaks down the most dizzying concepts for building an online business into simple, digestible bites that are easy to swallow."

    Kim Nishida


Bob The Teacher

About the Author

Since 2007, Bob has served as a business coach and online marketing trainer for thousands of coaches, entrepreneurs, and business leaders around the world. He loves helping coaches impact more people with less effort through leveraged online marketing strategies.

Bob has taught and produced over a dozen online training courses for small business owners, such as Mindmap My Business, Discover List Building, Discover Freemind, Discover LeadPages, and Teleseminar Formula.

For ten years, Bob taught U.S. History, World History, and World Religions at a public high school in Maryland.

He holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University (Master's Liberal Arts) and Florida State University (BA History & Social Science Education).

When he’s not traveling with his brilliant and gorgeous fiancee, and speaking at conferences, Bob enjoys all 4 seasons of life in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Originally from Maryland, Bob has also lived in West Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina. He remains a life-long Baltimore Orioles fan, and fantasy football geek.